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Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic |

Magic Circle Magician

  Are you a Magic Circle Magician? By Carl Royle As a working magician many people ask you similar questions when you are working but probabley the most asked question is “are you a member of the magic circle?”or “are you a magic circle magician?” This is closely followed by How long have you been doing magic? Do you know Dynamo? Do you know this other magician I saw on holiday? Can I show you a card trick? What do you do for a job during the week? As a working professional I always try to act as if they are the...

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Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Wedding Magic |

House Party Magic

Add house party magic to your special event. By Carl Royle Google+ As staying in has become the new going out more and more people seem to be forgoing the option of booking a venue and having their special event parties at home. I have seen a massive rise in the number of house parties I have entertained at over the last couple of years.At first sight you think that the person throwing the party must be spending a lot of money with all the entertainment you could want and the house dressed up to the nines.On further investigation it soon...

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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Wedding Magic |

Wedding Magician Manchester

Wedding magician Manchester at Manchester City Themed Wedding By Carl Royle Google+ Last week saw me performing as a wedding magician Manchester for Charlotte and Kevin at the beautiful Adlington Hall in Cheshire Not only was the wedding at one of my favourite venues but to my surprise when I started to do table magic through the Wedding Breakfast I noticed the tables had names that seemed very familiar to me as a Wedding Magician Manchester I knew this would be special Maine Road,The Etihad,Platt Lane, etc all with direct correlation  to my...

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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Trade Show Magic |

Magic Mice Magic Workshops

Magic Workshops with MICE By Carl Royle Google+ Do you want your next staff meeting to Motivate,Inspire,Captivate and Energise your staff? I have a theory that I am quite passionate about that breakout sessions at conferences and all day meetings need something a little different to get the best out of people attending In this time of cutbacks everything about the content at a staff conference/meeting must be justified with regard to getting a message across and usually trying to motivate for the future. In the last couple of years I have...

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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic |

Entertainment that transcends all language barriers

Magic For All By Carl Royle Google+ I have recently been privileged to be invited to perform at a number of international conference events and weddings where the first language of most of the guests was not English I loved the fact that using magic as an entertainment form at these events enabled all guests to enjoy the same experience and that language differences did not get in the way. Having performed magic in the past in many different countries I already was aware of the concept that magic transcended all language and age barriers...

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