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Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Wedding Magic |

After Dinner Cabaret Magic

After Dinner Cabaret Magician Carl RoyleAfter Dinner Cabaret Magic is a wonderful addition to any special event

After Close up magic it is the type of magic I get asked to perform mostAfter Dinner Cabaret Magician Carl Royle

The interactive nature of using audience members to help with the show can create really memorable moments.My approach is very light hearted but with very strong magic effects at the core of the show.

I was lucky enough in the last twelve months to increase the amount of  after dinner cabaret magic I was being asked to do.The show is normally an add on to me performing close up magic at an event which really helps as the magician is able to get to know people at close hand before doing the after dinner cabaret magic.

At events where a specific person or people are celebrating the After Dinner Cabaret Magic is a great vehicle to make a fuss of them in front of everyone.

Carl Royle Mind Reader MagicianIdeal for Birthdays,Anniversaries, corporate events,etc

After Dinner Cabaret Magic for special events

As Close up magic becomes more popular and there are more magicians to chose from people see After dinner cabaret magic less and less.I love performing for large groups as it is a fantastic contrast to close up magic with the scope to be something really special.

I normally perform a 35-40 minute After Dinner Cabaret Magic Show that involves all the audience at some stage of the show and also focuses on small groups that I get out to the front.All effects are chosen very carefully to make spectators look and feel good and also to add a large opportunity for comic situations.

After Dinner Cabaret Magician Carl RoyleCrewe Hall Q Hotels added Cabaret magic to the start of all their Christmas parties this year as a warm up for the events with great feedback from people that attended the celebrations.

After Dinner Cabaret Magic Performances recently included Crewe Hall Christmas Events,Norman Whiteside Charity Event,Medical Conference Events,Belle Epoque 40th Birthday celebrity celebrations,Many Charity Events including MC for charity Auctions,

For more information and availability give me a call on 0161 799 7978

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