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Magic Service Manchester

Posted by on 10:08 am in Magician | Comments Off on Magic Service Manchester

Friday Blog on how pleased I was with Magic Service Manchester Anyone who knows me through magic probably knows I also have become quite passionate about Running and Youth Athletics. If you read a Blog I wrote earlier in the year about The Park Runs throughout the country you would have seen that through encouragement of others I had started to change my lifestyle with regard to Running and Exercise. As a quick update I have continued with the park runs and continue to encourage others to take part and volunteer.I am still hoping to run under...

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Function Band Manchester

Posted by on 11:04 am in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magician, Wedding Magic | Comments Off on Function Band Manchester

I have been asked this week why I have been pushing Function band Manchester Start The Party on my network Well as well as being a professional magician for over 20 years I also get to organise events and entertainment for private parties weddings and corporate events that include a lot more than just magic Every now and then in my role as entertainment consultant I do come across many talented people that I am lucky enough to work with and some of whom have become great friends over the years. When My friend Aidan Townend of the AT band asked...

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Mind Reader Magician

Posted by on 1:30 pm in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic | Comments Off on Mind Reader Magician

“I am a mind reader magician is how I sometimes introduce myself when performing at events.”       Well what is the difference between booking a magician and booking a mind reader? The structure of the performance is normally similar as you can still mix and mingle in reception and do close up mind reading around the tables during a meal. I have found my After dinner Mind Reading cabaret magic show to be very popular especially after performing through a meal The main difference is content and approach.I go to...

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Start The Party

Posted by on 12:03 pm in Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Magician | Comments Off on Start The Party

Welcome to the weekly blog Start The Party It has been a great couple of weeks performing with a few things that have stuck in my mind also I am really pleased to announce a new project through Wizardry Entertainments Ltd As I was leaving an event this weekend the client followed me to the door and we ended up chatting outside.The party had been a 60th Birthday in a house in Wilmslow (see previous blog on house party magic) and had been attended by his friends and family some of whom had traveled from abroad to be there.It had been a truly...

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Birthday Party Magic

Posted by on 5:34 pm in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Wedding Magic | Comments Off on Birthday Party Magic

Birthday Party Magic was certainly the order of the day when Wizardry Events were asked to provide the entertainment and theming for a spectacular 40th birthday party set in a marquee near Manchester this week. The theme was to be a Masquerade Ball with a twist!!!! I am so lucky that in my job as well as being a full time magician I do get asked to plan and advise on entertainment and theming for some amazing events and for some great clients This latest party client had used my services on many other special family occasions including their...

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Stage Show Magic Manchester Lowry

Posted by on 3:22 pm in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic | Comments Off on Stage Show Magic Manchester Lowry

Welcome to the Monday Blog This week I was lucky enough to  go and see some stage show magic Manchester Lowry Theatre with my wife Cheryl Here is a short review of a most excellent show Ali Cook-Principles and Deceptions The show was at the Lowry Theatre Studio to a full house of enthusiastic magic lovers there to watch TV magician Ali Cook   The show started with a parody of a cheesy 70s magician performing in a stereotypical way.That is not to say the magic was cheesy as a girl was made to appear from a burning cage and a member of the...

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Wedding Magician

Posted by on 10:56 am in Close Up Magician, Wedding Magic | Comments Off on Wedding Magician

As the owner of web site wedding and a professional Wedding magician with over twenty years experience I do get asked by many brides,how does magic works best at a wedding. How do I make sure I get the best wedding magician for me? Do all wedding magicians do the same things? There is a comprehensive Questions and answers section on Wedding Magicians.Com and I welcome any feedback see link. The reason I have written this blog today is a response to an observation I have recently made with enquiries for a wedding magician First of...

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Party Magician Bolton

Posted by on 4:10 pm in Close Up Magician | Comments Off on Party Magician Bolton

  As a Party Magician I am so lucky to be asked to many special occasions.Never before have I been asked to work as a party magician at a 169th Birthday Party!!!!! Last Saturday at Bolton Town Hall was a celebration that was quite unique.The Birthday was a joint party to celebrate an 18th 21st 50th and an 80th Birthday in the same family. I was so pleased that the family chose a party magician as the entertainment as they saw that it was the perfect way to entertain the spectrum of age groups The event was so much fun to entertain at with...

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Corporate Event Magician

Posted by on 10:29 am in Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting | Comments Off on Corporate Event Magician

Every now and then you go to an event you have been booked for and everything is perfect As a Corporate Event Magician  and MC this happens less than you may think.I recently was asked to MC and do magic at a 50th Birthday Celebration for a branch of a household name store in Sheffield. The Venue was the Ballroom in the Sheffield City Hall that in itself is quite spectacular.The event organiser from the company had been a dream to deal with and we had agreed on a format for the evening that ensured guests had a fantastic time. As a corporate...

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How did you become a professional magician ?

Posted by on 9:40 am in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic | Comments Off on How did you become a professional magician ?

Becoming a professional magician Welcome to my Monday blog.This week on becoming a professional magician One of the questions I get asked most when performing magic at events is- How did you become a professional magician? this Blog is a short piece to answer that question I think most people who get interested in magic at an early age end up with a magic set and start to learn simple tricks and effects.Showing them to friends and family.I was no different.The idea of becoming a professional magician was just a pie in the sky dream. I used to...

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