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Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Magician |

Charity Event Magician

Many people have been asking me about working as a Charity Event Magician

I always get great satisfaction when helping a charity maximise the money they raise at their special events.

Charity Event Magician and Auctioneer Carl Royle

Charity Auctioneer Carl Royle

This can be as a magician or as an MC/Charity Auctioneer

One of the misconceptions is that because you are working for a charity you will be working for free

Do you charge for being a Charity Event Magician?

The simple answer in yes!!!!

As a professional entertainer it is very difficult not to charge for time that is more than likely a prime date.

Charity event organisers understand that using professional entertainers and MC/Auctioneers will net them more funds in the long run.

Guests realise that the quality of entertainment is of a professional standard and become more generous with donations.

Many Charities get companies to sponsor the entertainment so costs are completely covered.

How do you maximise charity funds when acting as a Charity Event Magician /Compere/Auctioneer ?

As a magician you would expect me to have a few tricks up my sleeve.I sometimes just get booked to do close up magic but charities get best value when they use my magic and MC experience.For one it saves on a person but also enables the magician to get to know people at close quarters throughout the evening so that they can be a little more familiar throughout the auction and fund raising stages of an evening.

Through experience I am also able to offer advice on ideas for structure and fund raising.

I am also very used to running events through Wizardry Events so organisers can relax and enjoy themselves whilst concentrating on what is important to them rather than worrying about the running order etc

I am very proud to be involved with many charity organisations and also many one off charity balls/events.

Charity Event Magician Carl Royle

Charity Event Auctioneer and Magician Carl Royle

Action for Children

Knutsford Mayors Ball

Blossom Ball Harrogate 

These are just three events/organisations I have helped with Charity Event Magician work in the last couple of months in different ways

Charity Auctioneer/Magician,

Reception Magician,

Consultant/entertainment provider/Charity Auctioneer/MC,

Do not hesitate to call me with regard to my Charity Event Magician Services also see

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