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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Corporate Magic, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic |

Close Up Magic At Events

Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic by Carl Royle-Blog

When working as a magician most people tell me that they like Close Up Magic more than any other type of conjuring

What is close up magic?

It may be stating the obvious to say close up Magic is performed within a close proximity to your audience.

The reason close up magic is so popular is it can be performed to an audience of one up to a crowd of always hear the remark that what they saw was impossible as it was right in front of them and not on a stage.

If close up magic is performed well people feel included and part of the magic.On many occasions it is as if they had a hand in making something change or vanish.The magician may read their mind,They can talk to and build a brief relationship with the performer,They can contribute with banter and truly feel they are part of the magic.

Close up magic works at many types of functions and events such as weddings,private parties,corporate events and trade shows,Close Up Magic

When you see a really great performance of close up magic you know that you have seen something very special and memorable

As much as Close up magic can serve a purpose at events like weddings such as looking after guests whilst the bride and groom have photos taken it also serves as a very memorable part of the day adding something really special and dare I say magical!

People have different ideas about what a magician may do when performing close up magic especially if there experience of magic is only that of children’s magic or magic on the TV

Very good magicians put people at their ease and make sure the time people spend watching them is fun and even exciting with a touch of exhilaration

I will put some photos on this blog so do not look at the performer but the looks on the faces of spectators as for a split second they are transported to a place of Awe and Wonder

For more information on close up magic give me a callClose Up Magic

By Carl Royle