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Close Up Magician

Close Up MagicianClose up magic can add sparkle to any event, ideal for entertaining guests at weddings, corporate events and trade shows. Carl Royle is a professional close up magician who loves nothing more than to surprise, amaze and delight a crowd, with his relaxed and refreshing approach to close up magic.

For over twenty years, Carl has performed as a close up magician at parties and events, earning him a reputation that is second to none in the entertainment industry. His years of experience have also given him an inexhaustible repertoire of tricks, effects and techniques that enable him to tailor his performance to any crowd and occasion.

Why Hire a Close Up Magician?

From intimate gatherings to major events, a close up magician is the perfect way to make people feel involved and included, and get them talking. Carl loves to make people laugh, and in doing so promises to set the tone for a fun and relaxed evening.

Carl uses a range of tricks and routines to leave your guests in awe, matching his performance to the audience and keeping his entertainment fresh and varied throughout the night. His untiring energy and boundless enthusiasm ensures value for money and lots of laughs from start to finish.

Close Up Magic by Carl

Fresh, funny and original, Carl strives to make every performance unique. He prides himself on making sure each presentation is different to the last, which is why many of his clients ask him back to events year after year. Bringing a huge range of magical effects into play for each event, he strives to leave crowds with a sense of wonder.

Carl is a renowned card magician, and can amaze and amuse with just a deck of cards. However he also uses other small household objects such as coins, elastic bands and post it pads to wow guests with some of his world-famous mentalism effects. He has also been known to read people’s minds… seeing is believing!

Carl was incredible! He’s funny and an absolutely genius magician.

Performing memorable magic at an intimate level, Carl is a leading close up magician who can engage guests at any event that requires entertainment. He is also available for Magic Workshops, a great way to teach easy magic skills to small groups.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or seeking to maximise your impact at an upcoming trade show, Carl promises to make your event magical. Get in touch to book a close up magician for your next special event.