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Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magician, Wedding Magic |

Comedy Magician

It is always added pressure when billed as a Comedy Magician as apposed to being booked as Close up / Cabaret magician and then people finding you funny.The obvious difference is when you are booked as a comedy magician you are expected to be funny and perform great magic.

I consider all my magic to be entertaining and strong no matter how I am perceived but the comedy magician element is something I have considered in many ways over the years.

If you are funny first and magician second does this weaken the magic?

If you study magic theory the quote that a magician is an actor playing the part of a magician comes up very often

Comedy Magician Carl Royle

Comedy Magician Carl Royle with Charlotte Dawson doing Dad impression

If you are a comedy magician does this mean you are an actor playing the part of a comedian or a magician or both?

If you book me to entertain at your function you most probably want a magician that is entertaining and will put guests at ease to make sure every person has the best time possible.Does it matter if I am funny?

I personally do not think that if I am booked as a magician I have to be funny even though I may cause amusement.

If people book me for stand up cabaret magic I think expectations change slightly and amusement should be elevated to the next level

I have been lucky over the years to find a balance between using comedy and really strong magic

Over the last six months I have been very lucky to increase greatly the number of stand up shows I perform and when listening to feedback I have been interested in the fact that people comment on the comedy side of my show as much as the magic.Also when booked to do Charity Auction events when there is no magic crutch I have had comment on the comedy content of my performance.

Maybe I am funny?


Carl Royle Comedy Magician-Officially Funny!!!!

When a legend of comedies wife makes a point of telling you that she found you funny and comments on technical aspects of your performance such as timing and use of audience members I believe you can feel quite pleased with yourself

I was fortunate enough to get these comments from the late Les Dawsons wife and Daughter at an event the other night.

I made the joke that I was now #officiallyfunny and it seems to have stuck.

I do seem to think of myself as a comedy magician but the magic will always come first!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Carl Royle Google+