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Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic |

Comic Con Magic

Comic Con Magic in ManchesterComic Con Magic Storm Troopers

Last week I was introduced to Comic Con magic in Manchester by two of my children.I was told it would be a fun day out and memorable

The event of Comic Con took place at Manchester Central and we arrived full of enthusiasm about 10.30 ready for doors opening at 11.00

There seemed to be a small cue around the corner but it was moving so no problem.Then we went around that corner to see a very long line of people snaking through zig zag fencing.

people were in good spirits with about 70% of people in fancy dress or as I now know in Cosplay.This was quite amusing for the first hour!!!!!

Three hours late after deluges of rain we at last got our tickets to go into the event.Up to now this had been far from Comic con Magic.

Magic in Manchester at Comic Con

As we walked into the exhibition hall the comic con Magic hit you with just an amazing atmosphere and many people in their geeky element.(And Proud)

Comic Con Magic

I found my own magician at Comic Con

As probable one of the oldest people at the exhibition!!!! I let the kids off the leash and had a curious browse with my son.

The Comic artistes were very accessible to talk to and  after a couple of conversations it became apparent there were many similarities between the way people start to make a living from comics and the path to becoming a professional magician

Hobby – semi pro – career/Job

I was drawn to a stall with the artiste Kate Ashwin whos series of comic books had a magician as the main caricature

She was really chatty about the way she had developed the magician caricature in her story which I found really interesting.I have since read the first book in the series and really enjoyed both the story and the art work

Comic con Magic

Kate Ashwin at Comic Con

You can find information on Kate Ashwin on and


I found her magician caricature very engaging and quite funny and would recommend giving these stories a read

The other guys that stood out and gave my son a lot of time were Geeky Comics.I was again taken aback by the passion that came through from what they do.

I would highly recommend Comic con as a day out there is magic to be found!!!!!!

I haven’t even touched on the Celebrities from Red Dwarf and other shows

By Carl Royle Google+

Comic Con Magic

Brilliant Costumes at Comic Con


Comic Con Magic