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Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic |

Creating Magic

Creating Magic Carl Royle

Creating magic moments within a performance is the objective of every magician but how do magicians go about this process to ensure you the spectator are left amazed believing you have witnessed the impossible, leaving you with a sense of awe and wonder.

As a working magician my interaction with an audience is one of the things I give most thought to when working on routines and effects to perform.If the spectator/audience are not engaged fully then the chance of creating a feeling of real magic within them is near impossible.

This means that from the second I start to interact and even prior to physical or verbal interaction. With appropriate dress and confident stature there is and should be an awareness that at some time you will have close contact with people at the event that they may be looking at you from afar.

All magicians have different approaches but to be effective we all need to have superb verbal and none verbal communication skills,An awareness of surroundings and the ability to create a subtle sense of curiosity about what you may do when mixing with people.


This sense of interest is the crux to creating magic in the mind of a spectator.Once a spectator wants to watch you all barriers drop and you can have a lot more fun creating magic in their mind

Creating Magic Carl Royle

The trick or the effect is important in creating magic moments so material choice is a massive part of the process.

Making sure an effect suits the magicians style as well as being appropriate for the audience in front of you.In the past I have likened the perfect performance of a magic trick to that of baking a cake with finely balanced ingredients

  • Approach
  • Image
  • Interaction
  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Effect

Creating Magic Moments

As a magicians experience grows, the ability to mix these elements in different ways depending on the people watching enables them

Creating Magic Carl Royle

to create magic in the eyes of the spectator evoking emotions far stronger than would be expected from some person showing another person a trick.

Look at the faces on some of these spectators captured just as it dawns on them they have a sense of amazement and for a split second they are in a different place, one that anything is possible.That is creating magic and that is why we magicians do what we do.

Some magicians do tricks but the magician you remember will have created a magical moment to be cherished forever.

Magic you can feel.

By Carl Royle Google+



Carl Royle Creating Magic