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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic |

Entertainment that transcends all language barriers

Magic For All

By Carl Royle


I have recently been privileged to be invited to perform at a number of international conference events and weddings where the first language of most of the guests was not English


I loved the fact that using magic as an entertainment form at these events enabled all guests to enjoy the same experience and that language differences did not get in the way.

Having performed magic in the past in many different countries I already was aware of the concept that magic transcended all language and age barriers but recent events made me event more aware

At a wedding just last month over half the guests were Polish most of which spoke great English but a good number who had flown in for the wedding spoke less English if any.

The table I remember having the most fun at was the table where they could not really understand me but by adapting performance style and being aware I was sure all the table had really enjoyed the magic

A recent conference was very similar where I had been asked to perform after dinner cabaret and the helpers that agreed to come on stage created as much humour as myself by playing on the fact they could not really understand me. I would like to think this was dealt with in the most appropriate manner and the letter below probably highlights this was the case

Magic is for everyone young and old and can instil a sense of wonder in all of us

I was so pleased to get the letter below


Dear Carl


You will recall that you have recently undertaken some “magic” for me at Manchester United, where I was hosting the European Medical Laser Society dinner.

I am just writing to say that the entertainment went down absolutely fantastic.     Despite the fact that we had many nationalities present, many of whom had limited English skills, your magic did the trick.     Who needs to understand words, when actions speak much louder than words!!

I particularly enjoyed the fact that you provided entertainment before our meal, giving the opportunity for delegates to engage with you.     You successfully followed this by individual entertainment at each of the guest tables.    This close magic absolutely wowed my guests.    Finally, there was your finale – so many people were saying  “but how did he do that?”


I am so very grateful for your help with making the evening a huge success.

I wish you ongoing success in your work and will happily speak to anyone who may be wanting to use your services in the future and who may be interested in my personal experience of working with Wizardry.


Thank you again


Best wishes

Sue Parkinson


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