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Exhibition Magic

tradeshow-newFace-to-face communication is at the heart of any trade show or exhibition, something that experienced magicians do best. They know how to grab people’s attention, make them feel special and included, generate excitement, and most of all get them to listen.

When investing huge amounts of time and money in your trade show presence, you want your brand to get the attention it deserves. A leading trade show magician, Carl will help you increase footfall, maximise leads, and motivate staff and clients, using his magic skills to ensure that your stand makes a big impact.

Why Invest in an Exhibition / Trade Show Magician?

trade-show-new3A trade show magician is a cost-effective and efficient way to maximise the potential of your trade show stand. To generate a sound return on your investment, you need to attract a steady stream of leads to your stand, retain their interest when they arrive, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

To do this, you need to make your brand stand out from the crowd, and encourage people to stop and talk to your sales team. However, attendees soon become immune to the barrage of leaflets, freebies and prize draws. And whilst your sales staff might be great at their job, they may not be experts at working a trade show stand.

Carl uses tried-and-tested techniques to increase footfall, collect more leads, keep staff motivated and retain potential clients when staff are busy. He also provides hospitality services for special clients at after-exhibition dinners. A unique and dynamic approach to trade shows, magical entertainment is a brilliant way to showcase your brand and improve your return on investment.

I’m really grateful to you for the part you played in the great success of our trade show stand.

How Does Exhibition Magic Work?

Exhibition MagicianKeeping the momentum flowing is essential at a trade show or exhibition. A busy stand attracts the interest of potential customers, whilst ensuring that energy and motivation levels remain high amongst staff. Unlike leaflets and freebies, exhibition magic gets potential customers to stop, chat and take an interest in your stand.

Carl Royle uses his magic skills and boundless energy to manage the flow of traffic to your stand throughout the day. When the stand is very busy and you have limited staff, Carl keeps potential customers engaged with magical entertainment, to prevent them from wandering off. During quiet periods, he will approach and qualify potential customers, starting a dialogue with leads before passing them on to your sales team.

Every company is different, and no two trade shows are the same. As part of the service, Carl will take the time to talk through your needs and requirements, to tailor a bespoke approach that improves the efficiency of your stand. From hospitality entertainment to product promotion within a routine, Carl will use his expertise and infectious enthusiasm to increase your footfall, leads, and ROI.

Is paying a non-company person to be on your stand cost effective?

We all know that exhibiting at trade shows can be expensive. However an experienced trade show magician will maximise the impact of your stall, with bespoke routines designed around your company, clientele, products and services.

A recent client was kind enough to pass on the information that footfall was 300 percent higher when using Carl’s services, compared to the previous year.

From the day-to-day running of your stand to evening events where you may wish to impress special clients with a professional entertainer, Carl tailors his services to your individual requirements. By doing so, he strives to deliver a high-impact and cost-effective service for trade shows and conferences.

Carl has performed his magic at trade shows all around the UK, including G Mex Manchester, Manchester Conference Centre, Birmingham NEC, Earls Court London, The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, St James Park Newcastle and BT Convention Centre Liverpool. He has also represented several companies abroad.

Preparing for an upcoming conference or trade show? Get in touch to find out how Carl can improve the impact of your exhibition stand.