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Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Wedding Magic |

House Party Magic

Add house party magic to your special event.

By Carl Royle


Magic By Carl

House Party Magic

As staying in has become the new going out more and more people seem to be forgoing the option of booking a venue and having their special event parties at home.

I have seen a massive rise in the number of house parties I have entertained at over the last couple of years.At first sight you think that the person throwing the party must be spending a lot of money with all the entertainment you could want and the house dressed up to the nines.On further investigation it soon becomes apparent that by not booking a function room in a hotel and paying hotel prices for food and drink the option of having the party at home gives massive flexibility on budgets when it comes to being able to book quality entertainment.

Live singers,Bands,Caricaturists,flair bartenders,String quartets etc are all great ideas to add to the impact of your party and make sure guests are talking about your event for years to come.

Make yours A Magic House Party

House Party Magic is defiantly on the increase. It is something I particularly enjoy as house parties are normally quite intimate and you can perform magic that you may not normally able to do in a banquet situation.Most of the Magic house parties I get asked to entertain at involves some kind of celebration.In most cases birthdays or special anniversaries which gives a great opportunity at some time in the proceedings to perform a short cabaret magic spot. This gives the opportunity get out the birthday host or anniversary couple and make them look great with some house party magic.This also creates a focal point in the proceedings for any speeches or cake cutting but especially for the guests to show their appreciation with lots of applause.

House party magic by a professional magician such as myself guarantees to up the fun level of the party and make it memorable for everyone

If you are thinking of having a party in the near future just drop me a line through my web site and I would be pleased to offer any no obligation advice I can

If you like this blog please do forward to anyone you think could be having a house party in the near future I would love to make sure they have the most memorable house party magic available.