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Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic |

How did you become a professional magician ?

Becoming a professional magician

Welcome to my Monday blog.This week on becoming a professional magician

One of the questions I get asked most when performing magic at events is- How did you become a professional magician?

this Blog is a short piece to answer that question

I think most people who get interested in magic at an early age end up with a magic set and start to learn simple tricks and effects.Showing them to Professional magician Carl Roylefriends and family.I was no different.The idea of becoming a professional magician was just a pie in the sky dream.

I used to watch a lot of magic on TV with my main influences being David Nixon Paul Daniels and the Amazing Kreskin I also remember magic specials by an american magician called Doug Henning

As a boy magic was just a hobby but I did used to do small shows at friends parties.I event used to do magic shows in my garage and charge people 2p to come and watch.At the age of elevenI entered the Year of the Child New Faces competition and made it to the final.I always used to present my talks in English lessons on some kind of magic theme.When asked what do you want to be when you grow up I did used to say a professional magician.

Magic continued as my main hobby and I used to search out books at the library to learn new effects to show people.There was no internet then and knowledge was harder to come by.

As I got older I became aware of magic conventions and clubs and was able to mix with other magicians and learn from them.

The biggest magic convention in the world is the Blackpool Magic Convention and I always remember the first time I went to that as it probably changed my life.I met so many people involved in magic and was able to buy magic effects and books you would never get from the library or your local joke shop.

As I got older friendships developed in magic as I was lucky enough to get to know Professional magicians who seemed to like my enthusiasm and thoughts on magic

I will always be indebted to magician Shaun Mcree who gave me so much advice when I started performing and used to get me to fill in at restaurant gigs when he could not do them.He also put me on the team that worked at Sticky Fingers Restaurant Owned by Bill Wyman where I got my first taste of performing at celebrity events.

I have been really lucky to meet some fantastic people in magic and after being a semi professional Magician for many years and being asked to perform at many prestigious events including invites into the British Close up magic Championships twice and even a year as president of the Manchester Circle of Magicians you do ask yourself could I do this full time and really become a professional magician.

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball and mine was being made redundant from my job as a national sales manager.This was the time to make the leap from part time to full time professional magician. Again with the encouragement of other magicians and agents that supported throughout the initial stages of my life being totally reliable on magic for my living.Again a big shout out to my friend Shaun Mcree without whose advice and help I do not think I would be the magician I am today.

I am very lucky to have turned a hobby into my full time career and like anything it has its ups and downs but I love performing as a professional magician and long may it continue

Thanks again to all that have helped me on my way you know who you are

by Carl Royle


Any Questions please ask below I would be pleased to give advice to any magicians