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Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic, Wedding Magic |

Magic Circle Magician


Are you a Magic Circle Magician?

By Carl Royle

Magic Circle Magician

As a working magician many people ask you similar questions when you are working but probabley the most asked question is “are you a member of the magic circle?”or “are you a magic circle magician?” This is closely followed by

How long have you been doing magic?

Do you know Dynamo?

Do you know this other magician I saw on holiday?

Can I show you a card trick?

What do you do for a job during the week?

As a working professional I always try to act as if they are the first person to ask me that question and give sensible answers. The question Are you a magic circle magician can draw me in a little more as I do have a recent story to tell

The Magic Circle

There are many magic clubs in the UK and being based in Manchester we are very lucky to have two main Magic clubs.The Order Of The Magi and the Manchester Circle of Magicians.I am proud to say I have been an active member of both clubs and was honoured to be president for one year of the Manchester Circle of Magicians.

Magic Circle Magician

The Magic Circle

I do believe that when people ask Are you a member of The Magic Circle they really mean the most famous and most established magic club in the world based in London.

Previous to this year I had never had my audition to become a Magic Circle magician but decided to put that right and tick a life box for my own magical satisfaction

The application process is not complicated but is a little daunting.Normally consisting of having an initial interview to make sure you would be suitable and then a practical audition where you perform magic in front of a panel and existing members.As I lived in Manchester and I am an established professional magician they allowed me to do this in one trip.

It was a thrill just to go to the premises where I was welcomed and treated in such a way to really put me at ease. I was allowed as a guest to look in the library and the museum and even enjoy the lecture that was taking place that evening.

Even though I perform magic to audiences every week I was still a little nervous about the audition side of things as entertaining other magicians is always a little daunting

I performed my Close up Magic set to about fifty people who responded very well and put me at my ease. I thought I had done myself justice. I knew that they did not tell you if you had been successful on the night and that I would have to wait about three weeks to have my membership confirmed.

I am pleased to say that I did get accepted and can now officially say I am a Magic Circle Magician

If you have any questions about magic in Manchester or my experience in joining the Magic Circle use the boxes below

Written by Carl Royle

Proud to be a Magic Circle Magician