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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Trade Show Magic |

Magic Mice Magic Workshops

Magic Workshops with MICE

By Carl Royle


Do you want your next staff meeting to Motivate,Inspire,Captivate and Energise your staff? I have a theory that I am quite passionate about that breakout sessions at conferences and all day meetings need something a little different to get the best out of people attending


Magic Workshops

In this time of cutbacks everything about the content at a staff conference/meeting must be justified with regard to getting a message across and usually trying to motivate for the future.

In the last couple of years I have been asked by many companies to attend all day conferences for a couple of hours to add something a little different that at first glance may look none relevant to the day but on further investigation can end up being the element of the day that gets attendees to drop that corporate guard and contribute to sessions more than you would think possible


What is MICE?

A simple question would you like any workshop or speaker at your next event to……






I would expect the answer is Yes!!!

Interactive Magic Workshops work on so many levels it will be impossible to go through them all here but I will give you an idea how this could help you at the most basic level

For a start no two workshops are the same.They cant be because the people are different

Objectives on what management want to get out of the session is never always the same

Are you going to teach them a few tricks?

On the most basic level the answer to this is Yes!!!

The process though is the important thing

In my opinion the short time you get with groups must be


This is where M.I.C.E comes in

Feedback from recent workshops really drove home to me that by engaging with attendees at a work related meeting about a subject that initially has nothing to do with work,Managers are able to find out more about staff attitude, drive, commitment and motivation than if they just talked at them all day with facts and figures

Magic Workshops using the MICE approach can take people out of their comfort zones and highlight strengths and weaknesses in a very clear way

Team Contribution , Willingness to step up,Presentational skills, Imagination,Leadership,Social interaction skills,general Communication skills

None of the above are talked about in a session but simple observation highlights all of them

Expert Magical Entertainers are expert communicators and presenters it goes with the job but they also bring the best out in others by getting them to relax and enjoy

People really do surprise you and on many occasions we have had the feedback that attendees had more than demonstrated skills that management did not perceive individuals to have  before the session

Using Magic a a motivational tool is a passion of mine and I would love to discuss this with you with no obligation

Please send me any questions or if you think this could be of use to your next conference or meeting session I would love to come and meet with you

MICE Really Works !!!!!

Carl Royle