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Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Magician |

Magic Service Manchester

Friday Blog on how pleased I was with Magic Service Manchester

Anyone who knows me through magic probably knows I also have become quite passionate about Running and Youth Athletics.

If you read a Blog I wrote earlier in the year about The Park Runs throughout the country you would have seen that through encouragement of others I had started to change my lifestyle with regard to Running and Exercise.

As a quick update I have continued with the park runs and continue to encourage others to take part and volunteer.I am still hoping to run under 25

Magic Service Manchester

Park Run Worsley

mins for the 5K by the end of the year

I have also been lucky enough to be able to help with the set up and then coaching sessions of the newly reformed Salford Harrier Juniors run By Duncan Mason.I am also looking forward to taking my Coaching assistants course in November

Salford Harrier Juniors

Salford Harrier Juniors with Duncan Mason

For all of these reasons and general enthusiasm I was recently awarded the award of Park Runner of the Month by Worsley Park Run

I was genuinely touched and was thrilled to find that I had also won a new pair of running shoes from Sweatshop Manchester

A big Shout out and thank you to all involved with the Park Run it has become a way of life on a Saturday morning with many of my family members now joining in recently

All the kids at Salford Harrier Juniors seemed to get a kick out of me winning the award as well!!!!!

So for the last 6 weeks I have proudly worn my very loud orange Running shoes and they made me get faster (probably)

Last week Disaster !!!!!! I noticed my new loud orange treasured running shoes had split Oh No!!!!!! I was Gutted

Magic Service Manchester Sweatshop

I felt a little cheeky as I hadn’t paid for them but I rang Sweatshop in Manchester Arndale Centre and they could not given better service.With no quibble they offered to change them.The Staff in the shop are excellent  and I would highly recommend

I now have my second pair and will be proudly wearing them this weekend

Thank you Sweatshop Manchester

Magic Restaurant

As a side point as we were in Manchester yesterday afternoon My wife and I went for lunch at a new Restaurant in the Printworks and I would highly recommend Peachy Keens World BuffetGreat surroundings and Excellent Food 10/10 and more magic service Manchester

By Carl Royle Google+