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Magic Workshops

Over the past twenty years as a professional magician Carl has been regularly asked to use his knowledge and communication skills to help him provide magic and motivation workshops.

Magic WorkshopsMagic workshops can take many forms and can be tailored for small intimate groups through to very large numbers of delegates. The objective of different workshops can differ from group to group as well.

Recent Magic Workshops have been as different as being a fun breakout session where people are taught some interesting principles of magic linked to communication and the objective is simply to be an interesting energiser for the group to break up a long conference day through to a very focused management meeting with the implicit objective of finding how certain individuals respond to being made to participate in activities well outside their comfort zone. This highlighted which people stepped forward and who let others do the work.

All delegates thought the workshop was exceptional and I am sure they will enjoy showing their friends and families their new found skills

Carl Has used his motivational magic workshops to help build a modular structure that can be flexible to your needs and above all ensures all attendees have fun. He promises all sessions delivered are designed to Motivate Inspire Captivate and Energise or M.I.C.E for short.

Recent companies using Carl’s services for workshops include:

  • The Co-operative group
  • Coop Financial services
  • Astra Zeneca
  • John Lewis
  • Liverpool Community Group
  • Siemens

Magic Workshops

Feedback from recent workshops really drove home to Carl that by engaging with attendees at a work related meeting about a subject that initially has nothing to do with work, Managers are able to find out more about staff attitude, drive, commitment and motivation than if they just talked at them all day with facts and figures.

Magic Workshops using the MICE approach can take people out of their comfort zones and highlight strengths and weaknesses in a very clear way:

  • Team Contribution
  • Willingness to step up
  • Presentational skills
  • Imagination
  • Leadership
  • Social interaction skills
  • General and Communication skills.

None of the above are really talked about in a session but simple observation highlights all of them.

Expert Magical Entertainers are expert communicators and presenters it goes with the job but they also bring the best out in others by getting them to relax and enjoy the sessions.

People really do surprise you and on many occasions we have had the feedback that attendees had more than demonstrated skills that management did not perceive individuals to have before the session.

Using magic to motivate is a passion Carl has and he would love to discuss how you can use this approach at your next conference or meeting.

Please send Carl any Questions you may have or if you think this could be of use to your next conference or meeting session he would love to come and meet with you.

Magic Workshops using MICE really works!!!!!