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Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Close Up Magician, Emcee and Presenting, Magician |

Magical Charity Event

St Gemmas Hospice

A Magical Charity Event Blog

I recently wrote a blog on being a charity event auctioneer and magician after which was asked a lot of questions and it also coincided with me contributing

to a truly magical charity event on the 26th April supporting St Gemma’s Hospice in Moortown, Leeds with the event being held at the Pavilions of Harrogate.

The Blossom Ball

I was introduced to the organisers of the Blossom Ball a couple of months ago by a friend with a view to helping as a charity auctioneer MC and maybe some magic.At an initial meeting with them it became quite clear they had done so much work to make this a truly magical charity event.The organisers had thought about mak

ing sure people who went to the event were going to have a great time and feel they had got value for money whilst helping with a very good cause supporting St Gemma’s Hospice ,Moortown Leeds. A Band  had already been booked called The Directors  Room dressing and photographer taken care of tickets sold (over three Hundred)

Carl Royle at Charity Event

Room looking magical at the Blossom Ball

So How can I contribute and add value?

I was really impressed with how much work had gone into this event.It was a very personal event in aid of a hospice charity that was very close to the family. They had come up with great branding for the event The Blossom Ball and a really nice unique way of carrying out the the raffle that I thought was brilliant. I am lucky enough to help many people and charities with fund raising at events so have seen many great ideas and some not so great ideas! As with most charity events they did need an experienced charity Auctioneer and MC which would be my primary role in the evening also with a touch of close up magic.This is quite normal stuff. In my opinion my main contribution to this event was the fact that using my experience and with just a couple of small additional ideas keeping the feel and structure of the event the same (I always work on the premise it is your event and your vision)Initial expectations of what could be raised on the night were raised substantially. Initial expectation of what would get raised was less than 4-5 K which is a great amount but I did think there were a few tricks being missed. Luckily the organisers bought into my approach and trusted my experience in this area.My advice was really only small tweaks on their own initial ideas and I didn’t re invent the wheel I just recommend things I have seen work in the past.

Why Have I not told you what these ideas and tweaks are well I obviously want you to call me to discuss your  special event as well!!!!!!!!

What I will say is there were only six Auction items and that section of the evening was kept to a minimum!!!!!!

The Event

The Blossom Ball took place on the 26/04/14 and went like a dream.Feedback on what a great time everybody had has been amazing. I was told yesterday that the total raised for

Charity Event MC Carl Royle

Charity Auction MC Carl Royle At Blossom Ball

the charity was over 10,000 which exceeded every persons expectation, This was a great team effort and I am so pleased to have contributed in any way to helping everyone exceed their expectations at their magical charity event

If you are having a charity event and would like to discuss how I can help call me on 0161 799 7978

By Carl Royle Google+ Blog

Magical Charity Event Blog