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Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Close Up Magician |

Party Magician Bolton


As a Party Magician I am so lucky to be asked to many special occasions.Never before have I been asked to work as a party magician at a 169th Birthday Party!!!!!

Last Saturday at Bolton Town Hall was a celebration that was quite unique.The Birthday was a joint party to celebrate an 18th 21st 50th and an 80th Birthday in the same family.Carl Royle Party Magician at Bolton Town Hall

I was so pleased that the family chose a party magician as the entertainment as they saw that it was the perfect way to entertain the spectrum of age groups

The event was so much fun to entertain at with a mixture of young and not so young people to entertain.

The skill of an experienced party magician is knowing where to pitch his performance whether there are young children at a table,University Students or a table of distinguished persons of a more mature nature.

This party had all of them.

Other entertainment at the event included a professional photographer and a party DJ

I have to say the DJ was really helpful by keeping his music on a low level while I went around the tables performing Close up Magic and Table Magic

This meant working conditions were perfect and guests could hear me as well as see me. This is so important if you want to get the most out of your party magician

The guests were a dream to perform for and the venue was magical as well with a real sense of arrival as guest entered up the giant steps at the front of the Town Hall Bolton

I am always touched when people let me know I have done well for them at their special events but when they take the time to send me a note I know I must have done a good job

Close up Party Magician Manchester

The Client sent me the following feedback this morning

Hi Carl, thank you so so much for entertaining us and our guests last night – we were truly dazzled!! Fantastic work, all our guests were thrilled and commented on how impressed they were! Thank you again x

by Carl Royle

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