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Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magician |

Pre Dinner Magic

Pre Dinner magic by Carl Royle

Pre Dinner Magic by Carl Royle

Pre dinner magic as entertainment is quite common but at a recent event I was asked to do an introduction cabaret show during drinks reception before guests went for their meal.


Pre Dinner Magic

Pre Dinner Magic Show by Carl Royle

To be honest I didn’t really think of it as unusual until after the event when i realised that 99% of all my usual cabaret  performances are post meal.

I perform my cabaret show to audiences on a very regular basis to people from all over the world but always post meal

The usual format is close up magic during drinks reception table magic through the meal and when you have got to know all the guests perform the cabaret show

I have been comfortable and at ease with this format for many years and had not really considered the alternative


Pre Dinner magic Cabaret Style

The event I was asked to perform at last week was a the famous Kettners Restaurant near Covent Garden in London

The timetable was such that drinks reception would last for around one hour so I was asked to perform an interactive magic showpiece Pre Meal as a warm up to the evening

As stated above I didn’t give it any thought until after the event when I thought to myself that the show had gone particularly well

I then followed guests to the dining area and performed table magic between courses

Because of the interaction of the pre dinner magic everyone was really up for enjoying the close up magic.

All barriers had been broken down more than if I had performed just close up magic in reception

I would highly recommend this as a format for clients in the future.There was a really high energy feel to the evening I feel due to the format of the evening

The Client sent me an e mail with the comments below


Hi Carl,

“Thank you for making the event a memorable one. You had the perfect balance of entertainment and engagement in line with the high H******r standards. “

I am really pleased with this comment as it sums up what I was striving for in this situation

If you are interested in Pre Dinner Magic for your event please get in touch

By Carl Royle Google+