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Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Magician, Wedding Magic |

Private Dining Magic

Private Dining Magic

Private Dining Magic

I have recently found an increase in the number of bookings for private dining events

By that I mean small intimate events either hosted at home or in a private dining room of a hotel or venue.Private Dining Magic

One of my favourite events recently was at a newly refurbished manor house where a small number of close friends of the host and hostess had been invited as a kind of house warming party.

The client had hired a professional chef and serving staff for catering and for entertainment had liked the idea of close up magic for their guests

With only ten people at the party it gives great opportunity as a magician to dig deep into your bag of tricks to make sure guests are entertained with many different kinds of magic.

The format for private dining magic normally consists of welcoming guests and performing some reception magic

As the food is always an important part of any of these kind of events I tend to work with the kitchen to have a small gap of 5-10 minutes between courses to go and entertain at the table

This can mean going back three or four times with magic set piecesPrivate Dining Magic

It is always nice at the end of the meal when you have got to know all of the guests throughout the night to do a final set piece that makes a special fuss of one of the guests be it the host or someone they chose.

Private dining magic is a really nice addition to any of these kind of events as it creates great talking points and does not take over the party

Recent Private dining events have included Family birthday celebrations,House Warming, Intimate wedding party,Hen Night private dining,Anniversary events,

If you are interested in private dining magic at your next event give Carl Royle a call on 0161 799 7978

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