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Posted by on May 29, 2014 in Corporate Magic, Emcee and Presenting, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic |

Product Launch Magic

Product launch Magic-Recent case study on successful commission

Product Launch Magic

I recently was lucky enough to be employed by a well known medical company who were interested in my product launch magic and to help with the launch of a brand new product they were very excited about.

The main reason that product launch magic came into their thinking was that when the marketing department were initially looking at the product launch the fact that their new product was much smaller than their old product created lots of benefits for the user.

In initial discussions I was asked to come up with a presentation for sales staff that would last about 30 minutes as an energiser session on the morning of day two of their sales conference

I was to be introduced as a guest speaker as apposed to a magician

Product Launch Magic by Carl Royle

Product Launch Magic

The Presentation was to include the following

  • To be Engaging
  • Energising
  • Motivational
  • To be relevant
  • To be Fun
  • To be thought provoking
  • To include both the old and new product in and interactive way
  • All magic to have a theme of things getting smaller
  • Create Discussion within the sales team on how to launch new product to the public

I was able to come up with a presentation that included all of the above that the client was very pleased with

“Thanks for the wonderful performance last week.”

The Presentation ended up taking the form of a wake up session that subtly incorporated magic and even teaching the sales team an effect they could do themselves using their old product.Many of them said they would definitely show it to clients

I engineered a surprise finale  where the old product magically shrunk and became the new product  with a memorable kicker

In discussions afterwards the sales team came up with many reasons their new product was magic

Product Launch Magic must create an unforgettable experience for all watching.

Product Launch Magic by Carl Royle

Create ideas through Product Launch Magic

All product launch magic will be bespoke to your product and time is taken to ensure any scripting and ideas match your company message approach and industry language

I have many more product launch magic examples and also what they led to

For more information on product launch magic by Carl

Call on 0161 799 7978

By Carl Royle google+