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Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Magician |

Sale Sharks Magic

Sale Sharks Magic

Adding a touch of Sale Sharks Magic

Having previously entertained in the executive boxes at Manchester United over the years I was really excited to entertain at the A J Bell Stadium at the opening fixture of Sale Sharks Vs Leicester

Could I add a touch of Sale Sharks magic?

I was really impressed with the set up for match day in the Box Areas as guests were welcomed with a Champaign Reception including a live musician playing the piano.Guests could even ask for requests which he played gladly

There was a communal reception area where gusts were greeted by ex players and hosts before going to their boxes for food.

I was asked to entertain with my Sale Sharks magic in the reception to get to know everyone and make them feel welcome.There was a very mixed bunch of ages which gave the occasion a great family feel.Sale Sharks Magic

I was a surprise to guests and the Sale Sharks magic did go down a storm in Drinks reception where I managed to get lots of reaction and interaction with guests.

As guests were invited to their boxes to eat prior to the game I had the opportunity to go into each box and present some more magic as people waited for their meal

What a fantastic bunch of people they were. Every box without exception really getting involved and having as much fun as possible.

As the start of the match approached and food eaten everyone was treated to a Q&A session with an ex player and a current player to the delight of everyone in attendance

As everyone made their way to their seats to watch the match I had to smile at what a fantastic few hours I had just has performing my Sale Sharks Magic.

I then obviously waved my magic wand to ensure the team won!!!!!!!!

Yes it did work
Feedback from the pre match entertainment has been really pleasing and I look forward to another episode at the next home game at the start of October

Sale Sharks Magic