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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic |

Stage Show Magic Manchester Lowry

Welcome to the Monday Blog

This week I was lucky enough to  go and see some stage show magic Manchester Lowry Theatre with my wife Cheryl

Here is a short review of a most excellent show

Ali Cook-Principles and Deceptions

The show was at the Lowry Theatre Studio to a full house of enthusiastic magic lovers there to watch TV magician Ali Cook

Carl Royle magicbycarl Blog

Ali Cook at the Lowry


The show started with a parody of a cheesy 70s magician performing in a stereotypical way.That is not to say the magic was cheesy as a girl was made to appear from a burning cage and a member of the audience was levitated in a most baffling way.

Ali then broke caricature and introduced himself.

The show concept was based on a book The Principles and Deceptions and we were told that we were about to witness effects from every category of magic from illusions to mind reading, Close up magic (on Stage) to demonstrations of telekinesis

The show did not disappoint,It was presented with a tongue in cheek humour that both entertained and baffled the audience

The show was very interactive with many people being asked to help on the stage. It was great to see Ali having fun with his helpers and never making them uncomfortable

As a magician it was great to see Classic magic effects brought up to date and presented in an entertaining and fun way.The magic of Ali Cook is enjoyable and will fool the most knowledgeable of audiences but if I take my Magicians hat of it was just a really good night out with a lot of laughs

I would recommend seeing Ali Cook live if you get a chance. We were really pleased we did.

Magic for my daughter

On a slightly different note I was given a leaf by my three year old daughter in the driveway of our house this week and she asked to see some magic this is what I was able to do!!!!

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>Magic for my daughter 


by Carl Royle