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Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in Close Up Magician, Corporate Magic, Magician |

Start The Party

Welcome to the weekly blog Start The Party

It has been a great couple of weeks performing with a few things that have stuck in my mind

also I am really pleased to announce a new project through Wizardry Entertainments Ltd

As I was leaving an event this weekend the client followed me to the door and we ended up chatting outside.The party had been a 60th Birthday in a

Start The Party Function Band

Start The Party

house in Wilmslow (see previous blog on house party magic) and had been attended by his friends and family some of whom had traveled from abroad to be there.It had been a truly international Audience.

I thought the night had gone really well and everyone had enjoyed the magic.

My client then said something that I had not really heard phrased in this way before.He said “we were not sure at first about having a magician at our party as we didn’t know if people would like it” then he continued “we are so pleased we did now as you really know how to Start The Party”

His perception which is reality was that I had created a party atmosphere as people arrived I had got people who didn’t know each other to start chatting and laughing together.I had used the term the party starter before but it is nice to have a new label.


Start The Party – Ultimate Party Band

Start The Party Function Band

Start The Party Band

The New Project I touched on at the start of this Blog is that I am so pleased to have taken on a fantastic Event Party Band under sole management

The Play a mixture of pop and funk with every song a floor filler

You can see the web site or listen to them on Sound Cloud I think you will agree they sound fantastic

Did I say they are called Start The Party!!!!!!!!!!!

You can book the band through myself at Wizardry Entertainments Ltd

Call now for availability 0161 799 7978

Till next week

by Carl Royle Google +