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Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Corporate Magic, Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic |

Telesales Training

Telesales Training With A Touch Of Magic

With the World cup well under way I thought I would share this novel approach within one of my telesales training modules using the Football Coach Approach

If you have ever done any football coaching at all this might be familiar to you

If a player gets the ball and has no effective strategy of  how his next move will help his team, the chances are he will do nothing to help the team or himself

When evaluating a players effectiveness you can measure what he does every time he touches the ball

To simplify there has to be one of a number of outcomes that have to take place

Telesales Training

Sales Training with a touch of magic

  • Shoot On Target
  • Shoot off Target
  • Draw a Free Kick
  • Win A Corner
  • Win A Throw In
  • Pass To A Team Mate
  • Give The Ball Away

When you point out to children that when they get the ball you want them to make sure they achieve one of the above (except the last one!) it is amazing how much focus it gives them.

In the Telesales arena I have spoken to teams in the past with no objective in their approach to making calls

Imagine every call is like being given the ball in a football match

You cannot score every time but if you have the awareness that certain actions will enhance your chance of scoring in the future (later in the game) you will create a focus that cannot help but create improved results

So you are going to make a call you pick the phone up and what happens next? 

  • Shoot On Target – Get an opportunity to Quote
  • Shoot off Target – Get Referral an new contact
  • Draw a Free Kick – Get a callback date
  • Win A Corner – Obtain new data information
  • Win A Throw In- Establish Validity of prospect
  • Pass To A Team Mate- Get a Meeting
  • Give The Ball Away-Lose Opportunity

If when you come off the phone you can label your call with a positive result it builds focus and effectiveness for all the team resulting in improved performances

Giving someone a phone and a database and expecting results without effective telesales training is going to have limited success

Simple analogies help people to focus and understand how to improve themselves within telesales training

The Football Coach Approach to Telesales Training- If you are interested in improving your teams telesales result give me a call on 0161 799 7978 also see previous blog

by Carl Royle Google+