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Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Magician, Wedding Magic |

Wedding Present Idea

Wedding Present Idea

You hired me a wedding magician!!!
That is just the best wedding present idea!

Wedding Present Idea for your special day

If you are making out you wedding list for your special day and you already have all the pans toasters and oven gloves you can fit into your kitchen why not think out of the box and ask your friends and family to get you something that will enhance your wedding day. Such as some of the nice to have things you may have thought about but not been able to fit into your budget.

I have recently been asked on a number of occasions to be a wedding present for a bride and groom helping to bring a touch of magic to the big day.

Wedding Reception entertainment is a big part of the work I do but on most occasions it is the Bride or Groom that books me for the wedding

On many occasions I have been a wedding present idea from the Mother of the bride or Groom

As budgets get squeezed why not ask guests to help make your wedding reception the best it can be by adding live entertainment

I have been prompted to write this Blog as I am a wedding present from a group of guests that clubbed together so I would attend their friends wedding this Saturday.The bride and groom are massive magic fans and are apparently over the moon with the face a wedding magician is going to entertain guests on their special day.

Other wedding present ideas using entertainment may be a wedding caricaturist or wedding singer etc

Wedding Present idea

They booked me over there as a wedding present idea!

I am always going to be bias and say that nothing brings a touch of magic to a wedding like a Wedding magician

If you want more information or wish to buy my services for your friends wedding give me a call on 0161 799 7978

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