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Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Cabaret Magic, Close Up Magician, Magician, Wedding Magic |

Wedding Reception Magician

Wedding Magician Carl Royle

Wedding Reception Magician

Using a wedding reception magician on your special day will truly enhance the wedding day experience for your guests

I am so lucky to have attended literally hundreds of weddings over the last ten years as a wedding reception magician.

Why does magic work at a wedding?

As the Bride and groom you will be the stars of the show on your special day and whether you are getting married in church or at the venue of your reception their will normally be a period of anything from one to two hours where a drinks reception is taking place and the bride and groom are being pulled from pillar to post having photos taken and trying to make sure they are being sociable with every guest.

Drinks Reception is when a wedding reception magician really serves a great purpose as well as entertainment.A quality magician will ensure your guests feel as if they have been considered and looked after making sure they are both amazed and amused with stunning magical effects.A quality wedding reception magician will act as a great ice breaker and bring together groups of people that may not yet know each other.

Remember as a bride and groom part of the pressure of your day is wondering if your special guests are having a great time.If you can see people laughing and clapping it will relax you as the bride and groom which then in turn lifts the day as that relaxed feeling spreads through the wedding party.

Wedding Reception Magician Carl Royle

Wedding reception Magicians help to make your wedding memorable

I love to get feedback from events and weddings that I am asked to perform at and generally from weddings the feed

back is always quite similar as brides tell me their guests talk about the way they felt as if they had been entertained whilst still being able to meet and mingle and talk to friends and family.

Most brides just say everyone is still talking about the magic and asking “how did he do it?” !!!!

Book a wedding reception magician for your special day you will be very pleased you did

For more information give me a call

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