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Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Magic Workshops, Magician, Trade Show Magic |

Workshops For Business

Workshops for Business



Workshops for Business-Magic By Carl Blog

There are many ways of utilising the skills of an experienced professional magician and one of the most popular when working closely with businesses are the Magical  Workshops for business that are available through Magic by Carl and Wizardry Entertainments for Events

These can be presented in many ways, from a simple presentation within a gap at a conference,an interactive practical workshop to improve sales and general presenting skills, or the production of imaginative presentation workshops in line with a customers product

Fun Workshops for business

I am often asked to act as an energiser in the middle of a conference or company meeting day.By using one of the Workshops for business plans you can engage all delegates getting them involved practically and conversationally in what initially may just seem like a fun exercise but soon becomes relevant to all communication needs in any part of a business

Recent Case Study

At a recent workshop for around seventy people the remit was to provide a fun one hour presentation that involved an element of encouraging communication and team building

I was also asked to make sure people felt they had learned a new skill so they could take that away with themworkshops for Business

Initial focus was on how a magician has to have certain characteristics to be successful and this was then related to the characteristics of the other people in the room to what their perception was of their own behaviour to be successful.

Inevitably delegates always want to learn some magic to take away and show people

By showing some simple principles it is amazing how inventive groups can be at coming up with their own ideas.

Some ideas very good and some not so good (within Workshops for business the process of thought is the important part)

you can find more information on Workshops for business on this link

If you would like to discuss ideas of how to use magic at your next business event give me a call on 0161 799 7978

Carl Royle